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Ca' Rigada Breeder and Owner, Simone Favalli competing with Nonatula Pan II in the VJP (spring natural instinct test).

Simone has qualified and placed at the international level in a variety of hunting and obedience trials throughout Europe and the United States.

Hunting Training with Ca' Rigada

A healthy, young dog can begin age-appropriate hunting training from a few months of age. Our specialty is the traditional series of German hunting exams, but our dogs have competed internationally in multiple organizations' hunting trials. Our finished dogs undergo at least the below listed five hunting training phases, modified for breed and style.

Ares della Ca’ Rigada (Nonatula Pan II x
Basic Training

Life in the home and kennel, age-appropriate physical conditioning, socialization and emotional stability, and basic obedience

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Search and Stop

Novice hunters learn to search with appropriate technique for various game, and to reliably stop on command


Nurturing a hunting dog's innate gift for the pursuit, retrieve, and delivery of any game

Water Work

Achieving the same mastery of hunting skills in the water as in the field


Steadiness to wing and shot, breed-specific proofing


About Simone

About Simone


Simone grew up in Northern Italy. To date, he has trained over 600 dogs of various breeds to be superior hunting partners or excel in hunting examinations. He has experience training pointers, flushers, and terriers to hunt fur and feather on land and in the water, with specialization in versatile hunters and the JGV tests. Meanwhile, he has been crafting the Ca' Rigada bloodline, drawing on the best practices and stock throughout Europe. Simone's passion for ever-perfecting the drahthaar breed is evident in all of his dogs: equally sweet in nature as they are accomplished predators in the field.

When not training, Simone is most easily found by first locating his bulldog, Brunilla di Villa Eden.

Brunilla and Ilex.jpg
Simone exam
Hegewald 2017 with Cora and Cristabel

Training Videos

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