VJP 2020

Trial Results

Lux IV vom Böckenhagen earns top score (4, very good) on his Emergency Solution Tracking test.

Jokoba della Ca’ Rigada - almost one yea
USA Relocation 2020

Hello, America!

Ca' Rigada Kennel relocated to the USA in Northwest New Jersey, close to Pennsylvania and New York! Please contact us to inquire about available studs and upcoming litters. 

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VJP 2019

 Trial Results

Helde della Ca' Rigada | 77 points - AH, Spurlaut, Sichlaut

Isa della Ca' Rigada | 64 points - Sichlaut

Italy Breed Show 2019

Ring Performance

... almost as good the field. Ianko della Ca' Rigada (pictured with owner/handler Claudio Tenerini) places first for young males (Trophy Ermenegilda Cecchini), while Fulda della Ca' Rigada takes 2nd for intermediate females.

May 2019

Working Dog

Havana della Ca' Rigada (owner/handler Manuela di Trapani) appears on Italian national TV for her search and rescue work in Unita Cinofila Partenopea al TG 3 in Naples.


Beretta Debut

Simone and Dogs debut in the Beretta Catalogue (Cora della Ca' Rigada pictured above)



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