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"Bred for generations with the utmost care and science-based methodology, your Deutsch Drahthaar - properly trained - is a versatile predator capable of mastering all terrains and scenarios. One dog can accomplish all hunting tasks: from pointing upland birds to retrieving waterfowl, to tracking blood and fur to engage any size game, and the pursuit and delivery of even injured prey. No obstacle can prevent his return to you with his prize; nothing can satisfy him more than the satisfaction of hunting and working with you."

Simone Favalli, Breeder

pictured with Cora della Ca' Rigada

Ca'Rigada Puppies

Our Puppies

Ca' Rigada puppies descend from proven bloodlines and accomplished ancestors, as documented by their hunting performance and trial accomplishments.

As breeders, we know no amount of instruction can develop a dog beyond its inherent genetic potential. 

As trainers, we know how powerful the combination of exceptional genes and training is in fully realizing that potential.

And as advocates for canine welfare, we believe dogs and their owners deserve both.
That's why every Ca' Rigada reproducer completes the health clearances, instinct tests, cooperative hunting trials, and conformation evaluations required by the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar Breed Authority - and more. Hunting trial and conformation results, as well as eye, heart, thyroid, hip, elbow, OCD, and completed DNA health testing documentation are available in adult dogs' galleries.

Our program has also been independently vetted and approved as a Breeding Partner by Good Dog (an organization dedicated to linking prospective dog owners with reputable, responsible sources). Additional details on the steps in our puppy process can be found on our Good Dog Profile. To begin our process, please fill out an application and view our contract and health guarantee online through Good Dog (please Contact Us if you have any issues accessing Good Dog). Scroll down to see upcoming planned litters.
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puppy flwers
Puppy Boots
Puppy Point
Danko Puppy
Eike Ferro
Danko again
Baby smelling air
Danko 2
J-litter puppies with a great mom, Nonat
Sleeping H-litter puppies
J-Litter puppies in the sun (1 Oct 2018)
J-litter puppies with a great mom, Nonat
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Puppies are registered with the VDD-GNA.
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Upcoming Litters

Our next breedings will be late 2023 or early 2024. We are happy to discuss our breeding plans and whether or not a Ca' Rigada Deutsch Drahthaar would be right for you. Please visit our Good Dog profile, which has our puppy application and pricing, and feel free to get in touch with us to discuss further.
Upcoming Litters
Our Dogs

Our Dogs

What will you and your Ca' Rigada Puppy do?

Pan 3.jpg

Nonatula Pan II

Vreni 4.jpg

Nonatula Vroni II


Lux IV vom Böckenhagen


Lilly della Ca' Rigada


Loraxe della Ca' Rigada


Eike della Ca' Rigada

Havana Group 7 Number One.jpg

Havana della Ca' Rigada


Cora della Ca' Rigada

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